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The Amazing Flymo Automatic (Robotic) Lawnmower

So, have you seen one yet?

What’s a Robot Lawn Mower?

If you have, you’ll know you have. Wandering past a garden with one running will at least generate a surprised glance here and there. A little orange futuristic looking box humming away and wandering around a lawn like a lost puppy, going about its job of keeping the grass neat and tidy. It’s a miracle I tell you, a miracle!

Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawn Mower
Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawn Mower Making Easy Work Of Cutting Long Grass

I’ve only seen a Flymo in action – my parents bought one from Amazon as their gardening jobs are now getting a bit much for them in their old age. Instead of trekking up and down the back garden, dad now just sets this little magic mower off on a schedule – no manual intervention needed at all.

Do Your Research, There’s Plenty Of Automatic Mower Brands

Of course, there are plenty of companies getting in on the act – you can see a few of them at along with the author’s views, but I can only speak for what I’ve seen. There’s no doubt in my mind that a Flymo is a Flymo, it’s as orange as can be, and would look at home sat in the home end of a Blackpool match at Bloomfield Road, although that’s quite a distance for the 1200R’s little motor to carry it (3.8 miles from Whitehills Retail Park to Seasiders Way to be precise). What’s more, I’m not sure the groundstaff are quite up to date enough to put their trust in a robotic mower just yet.

Football Stand In Orange Flymo Lawn Mower Colours
Can You Spot The Flymo In The Stand?

While there are a lot of companies making automatic lawn mowers, you still don’t have a lot of choice in robotic mower models yet. Unlike traditional Flymo mowers and push along alternatives, there aren’t multiple choices from each company yet.

It’s likely that this will change in the coming years, so it’s fortunate that what we do have is a small number of great options. Of course, a mower has a fairly well defined job, and that’s to cut the grass. In that regard there’s not a lot of features to add to models, but where things do really add value is in things like being weatherproof to allow them to be left outdoors in all seasons, and security features to prevent criminals from taking them in the dead of night.

More obvious things include scheduling mowing time and setting the cutting height as the mower goes about its business – things are moving into smart technology too now to complement the robotics, so you’re able to control the mower from an app on your phone wherever you are in the world. Naturally that introduces its own problems and considerations, as the mower itself must also be wifi enabled and therefore within range of the home network. If your lawn is big enough to consider investing in a robot lawn mower, then this is reasonably likely to be a concern for going out of range! Also, whenever you connect anything to the internet there’s also the chance that it could be hacked or malfunction in unintended ways too. No doubt all of these things have already been thought of by the development teams or will be soon.

For now though, lets all embrace a new technology that makes life, particularly through the summer months, that little bit easier.